The same old song

by Veronica Foale on January 10, 2018

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I have almost forgotten how to do this. Sit down at the computer and bleed from your fingertips.

I read through my archives (briefly) and I’ve been singing this same song for three years now. Exhaustion, kids, business, soap, work. Mental health (up and down) physical health (down and up). Round and round we go, with the chorus playing the same melody over and over.

We’ve got foster kittens, and kittens of our own. My work room and desk are full of broken soap display ladders. There is music playing to drown out the sound of school holidays, which sounds remarkably like TV and whining. One child is sick in bed, and when I tried to read a book earlier the dog vomited everywhere, which is pretty much how my days go now.

Who has time to be introspective and bleed bleed bleed all over the screen.

But oh my soul hurts. I’m like an old ballerina, sadly telling everyone she used to be beautiful, used to be amazing.

I used to be amazing.

I used to write and drip emotion and now I’m hiding in the cracks as all around me the chaos reigns and I try to remember how to pick this back up again.




by Veronica Foale on November 15, 2011

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My daughter says

:No one would play with me today:

and my heart breaks into a million tiny pieces and I’ve run out of the good glue, so I’m left sitting on the floor, trying to put myself back together.

The hardest part about school is not living it yourself.

No, it’s parenting your own child (blood of your blood, body of your soul) through it and knowing that it gets better and worse, better and worse, like a fucked up see saw.

Later, during a conversation, I hear that two girls a grade older, with pretty names, played with her at recess and I am grateful to them. So grateful to these two girls who I have never met, that they played with my girl and made her feel included.

Quirky children are not easy, but I know in myself that we wouldn’t be able to home school.

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And here we go again

by Veronica Foale on November 7, 2011

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It’s like a ticking time bomb, trying to get something written here every morning before my children wake up.




Once they’re awake, my morning is a haze of breakfasts and snuggles needed, of meltdowns and NO NOT THAT BLANKET, THE OTHER ONE. And WHERE IS MY DINOSAUR and I NEED DA ODDER CEREAL.

It’s all good fun, until someone starts screaming and writhing on the floor.


My son wakes up, demands warm milk and a blanket (da blue one, in da bedroom Mummy, not DAT ONE) and smiles at me cheekily while he does it. I rub his stomach and hug him good morning, until he breathes on me and I gag.

That’s the part no one talks about – the morning breath, that on your husband is expected, but on your almost-three-year-old is a disgusting shock.


It’s Monday, the start of our week again and I have so many things happening that I am alternately terrified and very excited. Good things will happen this week, I can feel it.

Just as long as I can keep up, it will be all good.

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Even Her

by Veronica Foale on February 12, 2010

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Who are you?

You’re a writer?

No you aren’t. You can’t write. You just type things and they end up on this screen here. That’s not writing. In this day and age of the Internet and blogs, anyone can do what you’re doing.

You’re not special.

Anyone could do it.

Even her.

Who are you?

You’re a photographer?

No you aren’t. We’ve got digital cameras, anyone can take a photo. No skill necessary. Everyone gets lucky occasionally and gets a good photo.

What’s that you say? It does take skill to take good photos? Even with the digital medium?


No it doesn’t. Take a hundred photos, one of them will be good. You’ll see. Go and try it, come back and report.

You’re not special.

Anyone can take a photo nowadays.

Even her.

Who are you?

You’re a journalist?

No. You aren’t. Thousands of people are doing your job on twitter, you’re outdated and useless. What need do we have of printed material when everything is on the Internet for free? Go and search twitter. The blogs.

It’s a digital world, you’ve got to move along with it.

You’re not special.

Anyone can report the news.

Even her.


Who are you?


You’re nothing special.

Except when you are.

Because it does take skill to pull together a blog post. Sure, anyone can do it, but not anyone can draw an audience and make them laugh and cry. That’s writing.

It does take skill to take a photo. A baby can push a shutter button and capture a moment, but it takes skill to snap a photo that make people see what you saw and feel what you felt.

There is skill involved in reporting the news. Anyone can tell you what they saw, but can they tell the whole story from both sides?

The Internet is changing the way we view things, skills that were once out of our reach are now being brought down to earth where we can capture them for ourselves. Things that were once the realm of only the specially talented are now there for anyone to practise. You’d think that this would water down the talent pool, but instead we’re discovering untold talent in hidden places.

Mothers, fathers, anyone. Everyone.


We can do this.

And we can do it well.

Even her.

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No Clean Feed

by Veronica Foale on December 10, 2009

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I don’t get political very often. Especially not here.


The Australian Government, namely Senator Stephen Conroy has given the green light for a ‘Clean Feed’ to be applied to Australian internet.

News posts here, here and here.

In laymens terms, this means that come next August, MANDATORY ISP filtering will occur on all internet.

It’s not up to the Government to say what I can and can’t look at on the internet. I am an adult and so long as my activity isn’t illegal (ch*ld porn) then the Government should have NO RIGHT to filter my internet.

It is up to me to keep my children safe on the net. Not the Government.

See NoCleanFeed for more details and if you agree with me, sign the petition.


As a web publisher, this scares me senseless. Officials have admitted that the filtering, while effective against the kind of sites they are wanting to filter (a blacklist, if you will. who knows what exactly they will be deeming ‘not suitable’) there are also plenty of false positives, ie: sites blocked that shouldn’t have been.

Does that mean I could ‘accidentally’ have Sleepless Nights blocked, what about Veronica Foale? Or what about you. What happens if your website gets blocked?

I don’t agree with it. It is censorship plain and simple.

Sign the petition against it. Please.


Feel free to copy/paste this entire post to your blog if you like. Just remember to give credit to either http://somedaywewillsleep.com OR http://veronicafoale.com

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